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About Health and Performance Massage

High performance, both physical and mental, requires the best support. Apart from highly competitive performers, Health and Performance Massage supports those investing in their health for a high quality of life.

By working through muscular adhesion and tension before such issues become chronic conditions, preventative massage therapy is a wise investment to avoid the loss of time and training incurred for corrective remedial therapy. Health and Performance Massage is as much about enabling participation as enabling the potential to win; enhancing the competitiveness of capable people, but finding capacity in everyone.

About Laura


Through sport and everyday life, I often found myself sidelined with injury. Remedial massage therapy has played a crucial role in rehabilitating me from injuries and returning  me to engage with the world.

Trained for both clinical and sports massage therapies, my approach to treatment is holistic- it's not about infliction of pain, it's about fixing pain. With a clientele of businesspeople, grannies and elite athletes, I care for my client, not just a treatment result. My goal is to maintain or restore full range of movement, allowing individuals to live active, adventurous lives, free of soft tissue pain. I do my best to enable my clients to be their best.

Achievement is golden, not always gold.


Qualified and insured as a BTEC level 5 Soft Tissue Therapist, I am a member of the Sports Therapy Association.

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